Saturday, May 24, 2008

Group Meeting at arcspace 5-23-2008

18:27] You: hi
[18:27] Finn Perfferle: Hi Lilli
[18:27] You: kk busy hey
[18:27] You: coffee time?
[18:27] Finn Perfferle: LOL
[18:28] Finn Perfferle: Hi Fuji
[18:28] You: hi fuji
[18:28] Fujiye Yoshikawa: Hi Finn
[18:28] KK Jewell: Hi all
[18:28] You: hi kk
[18:28] KK Jewell: I got this photo from Richard
[18:28] Finn Perfferle: should be good
[18:28] You: nice walk
[18:29] KK Jewell: Yes I think we should discuss how we make the community..
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[18:29] KK Jewell: We will wait for the others
[18:29] You: yeah
[18:29] Finn Perfferle: ok
[18:29] You: so how did the fire turn out?
[18:30] KK Jewell: David was talking about how there are great needs for shelters at the moment because of the earthquake
[18:30] You: yes i can imagine
[18:30] Finn Perfferle: oh yes
[18:30] KK Jewell: Eventhough this is something dfferent
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[18:31] Finn Perfferle: Should send over bunches of shipping cintainers! Have seen some nifty conversions...
[18:31] KK Jewell: Yes I agree but how do you get them to those areas
[18:31] KK Jewell: They are making tents
[18:31] Finn Perfferle: well, ship and truck
[18:31] Finn Perfferle: should be easiest of all...
[18:31] You: and there are thousands of them floating in the ocean at any time
[18:31] KK Jewell: Well they are not easy to get to and they need thousands
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: !
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: never easy
[18:32] You: no
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: outfitter tents
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: in 55 gal oildrums...
[18:32] KK Jewell: Well they are working on it
[18:32] You: the armies have good qhuick constructions
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: Get Cabelas to donate
[18:32] You: hahaha typonses again
[18:33] KK Jewell: I am not getting involved want to concentrate on this..
[18:33] Finn Perfferle: ok
[18:33] You: all kits that get bolted together
[18:33] You: very cool some of them
[18:33] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:33] You: engineering feats
[18:34] KK Jewell: INBAR has a sustem
[18:34] KK Jewell: System
[18:34] KK Jewell: Using bamboo as it is in a bamboo area
[18:34] You: yes ... i have done a hanger conversion once
[18:34] Finn Perfferle: now there's a plan
[18:34] You: the building was removable lol
[18:34] KK Jewell: :)
[18:34] You: until i got to it
[18:34] KK Jewell: But this is supposed to also last
[18:35] You: oh they last ... it was 80 yrs old :D
[18:35] KK Jewell: :)
[18:35] You: all timber
[18:35] You: beautifaul
[18:36] You: rl delays ....
[18:36] You: always when u dont want them
[18:37] KK Jewell: People are always late
[18:37] Finn Perfferle: yes, hardest bit of all
[18:37] KK Jewell: jeanRicars mailed me he is on the way
[18:38] Finn Perfferle: he tries hard, good idea with the blog
[18:38] KK Jewell: We delayed the meeting because of Mater and he is not here
[18:38] You: yes
[18:38] KK Jewell: Yes good idea
[18:38] KK Jewell: We will wait 10 minutes then start OK?
[18:38] You: ok
[18:39] Finn Perfferle: That's fine with me
[18:39] Finn Perfferle: we can always throw a few ideas on the table and blog
[18:39] KK Jewell: OK
[18:40] KK Jewell: We have to start with the land and how we join the structures and a community structure
[18:40] KK Jewell: Would be nice to clear some areas and make some of these walks
[18:40] Finn Perfferle: Yes!
[18:40] You: yes it would
[18:40] Finn Perfferle: one thought
[18:40] KK Jewell: make some areas dense with walks
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: start with a bit of important infrastructure
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: waste water
[18:41] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:41] KK Jewell: That comes later I think
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: set up a series of reed beds and ponds
[18:41] You: a town square of some sort / market
[18:41] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:41] You: with the builds around that
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: so that when we position the builds, they tie in
[18:41] KK Jewell: Thought the bigger lake is a good area for the community space
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: it could feed to that
[18:41] KK Jewell: yes you are right
[18:42] Finn Perfferle: get the drainage right and the paths will follow
[18:42] You: fishing is important
[18:42] KK Jewell: We should probably make a plan..yes fishing
[18:42] Finn Perfferle: Lili, I think we are oon the same page!
[18:42] You: and community garden
[18:42] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:42] Finn Perfferle: absolutely
[18:43] KK Jewell: And yes Finn collecting rainwater
[18:43] Finn Perfferle: yes
[18:43] Finn Perfferle: use water management as a key element
[18:43] KK Jewell: OK
[18:43] You: so maybe we can make our ideas on scetch for areas
[18:43] You: place on blog
[18:44] Finn Perfferle: yes
[18:44] KK Jewell: I think you should
[18:44] You: and integrate ideas from each
[18:44] Finn Perfferle: yes
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[18:44] Finn Perfferle: another important point
[18:44] Finn Perfferle: central structure
[18:44] KK Jewell: Some of the structures we should duplicate maybe we will have areas with the same structures
[18:44] KK Jewell: Like small enclaves
[18:44] Finn Perfferle: yes KK
[18:45] Finn Perfferle: and maybe
[18:45] You: yes and use community hall / school
[18:45] Finn Perfferle: to preserve the individual element
[18:45] KK Jewell: Then people who come to stay can say they want the this or that enclave
[18:45] You: or such multiple use building
[18:45] KK Jewell: One can be in a dense area another by the water another by a lake
[18:45] Finn Perfferle: we could share bldg materials
[18:45] Finn Perfferle: yes Lilli
[18:45] KK Jewell: And another in a very open field
[18:46] KK Jewell: That would be what connects all..the materials
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: yes!
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: sorry
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: lag!
[18:46] KK Jewell: The structures are different but the textures are the same
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: exactly KK
[18:46] KK Jewell: I just restarted the region
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: think the designers would like that
[18:47] KK Jewell: I do too
[18:47] Finn Perfferle: well that should happen
[18:47] KK Jewell: You can have smaller and bigger sizes together
[18:47] You: i think the ball would look lovely backed by a rocky area
[18:47] Finn Perfferle: yes!
[18:47] Finn Perfferle: it would!
[18:47] KK Jewell: Werner's
[18:47] You: yes
[18:47] KK Jewell: I agree
[18:48] Finn Perfferle: and perched high
[18:48] KK Jewell: He can have 3 or 4 or more
[18:48] Finn Perfferle: the start point for our drainage sys
[18:48] KK Jewell: As can you all
[18:48] You: yes cosy against the elements
[18:48] Finn Perfferle: that's a great idea KK
[18:48] KK Jewell: Wish he was here
[18:49] You: we can do inca like aquadusts hehehe
[18:49] You: ducts lol
[18:49] KK Jewell: I think we all stay in the project but we leave out people if they do not show up..
[18:49] KK Jewell: I mean you all stay now
[18:49] You: if they dont contribute ..... they just may be busy today
[18:50] KK Jewell: Yes I know
[18:50] You: may catch up later
[18:50] You: well we have somewhere to blog the text hehe
[18:50] KK Jewell: yes
[18:50] You: ooooh soko is playing :) ill keel her lol
[18:50] Fujiye Yoshikawa: Finn must have crashed. I'm sure he'll be right back
[18:50] KK Jewell: :)
[18:51] KK Jewell: Where is she playing?
[18:51] You: catch song
[18:51] You: oh at a club ... not live
[18:51] KK Jewell: OK
[18:51] You: hubby streaming the music load
[18:51] You: so i can hear
[18:51] KK Jewell: Nice
[18:52] You: they r having a set with all my fave music
[18:52] KK Jewell: So shall we all start thinking about the lay-out?
[18:52] You: bowie etc
[18:52] You: yes
[18:52] KK Jewell: What is the stream?
[18:52] You: alt7 ... sl club ... on web too
[18:52] You:
[18:52] Finn Perfferle: sorry, crash
[18:53] Finn Perfferle: better now
[18:53] You: wb finn
[18:53] Finn Perfferle: :-)
[18:53] Finn Perfferle: some great ideas tonight
[18:53] KK Jewell: Thanks Lilli
[18:53] Finn Perfferle: we should make sure to get them in the blog
[18:54] KK Jewell: Yes I think we now work on the lay-out of the land
[18:54] You: yes broad texta sketches would be fine for now i think
[18:54] Finn Perfferle: agreed
[18:54] Finn Perfferle: and look forward to it
[18:54] You: more detail when we reach a concensus
[18:54] Finn Perfferle: yes
[18:54] KK Jewell: You will add it to the blog right?
[18:54] You: yes
[18:54] You: i will scan mine in
[18:54] KK Jewell: We can do all we want tothe land...
[18:55] You: cool
[18:55] KK Jewell: I think it should have some variety
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: yes
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: so KK
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: let's agree on what we blog further to this meeting
[18:55] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: 1 focus on land
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: 2
[18:56] KK Jewell: community
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: drainage?
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: community
[18:56] KK Jewell: garden/
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: land and community 1st
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: drainage/constructed wetland

[18:56] KK Jewell: community
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: drainage?
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: community
[18:56] KK Jewell: garden/
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: land and community 1st
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: drainage/constructed wetland
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: garden
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: central structure
[18:56] You: sounding good
[18:57] Finn Perfferle: and think I misswed Lillis scan thing!
[18:57] KK Jewell: All the PDF files are out to the judges just to show the progress
[18:57] You: now can we reach a concensus on north for our orientation
[18:57] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:57] Finn Perfferle: cool
[18:57] KK Jewell: This building faces north
[18:58] KK Jewell: SL north
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: I must be reversed!
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: N to my left
[18:58] Gumby Roffo is Online
[18:58] You: hey i am southern hemisphere here lol
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: S!
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: to my left
[18:58] KK Jewell: North should be where I am facing
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: AH
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: it is
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: agreed!
[18:59] Finn Perfferle: the build sites are in N hemi
[18:59] Finn Perfferle: so back to N
[18:59] Finn Perfferle: ?
[18:59] You: hehe on map its ok ... but i mean rock positions etc lol
[18:59] KK Jewell: OK
[18:59] You: will be on ... side ... lake to .... etc lol
[18:59] Finn Perfferle: will wait for your layout plan!
[19:00] You: hehehe
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: so
[19:00] KK Jewell: Well you can all make a plan
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: where on the sim do we cluster?
[19:00] You: yes all
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: oh OK
[19:00] You: better input
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: :-)
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: will do
[19:00] KK Jewell: Then when we all meet we decide?
[19:00] You: rather than dictatorship :D
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: sounds like aplan
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: fun stuff
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: ok then
[19:01] KK Jewell: OK we end it then?
[19:01] You: yes ... then we will meet and discuss our thoughts on best from each
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: yes
[19:01] KK Jewell: Yes
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: I'll blog the main points
[19:01] You: and where we are heading
[19:01] KK Jewell: Thanks
[19:01] You: ok
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: Lilli, maybe you address the plan plan
[19:01] You: will do over the weekend :)
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: ok
[19:01] You: ok
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: thanks to you
[19:02] Finn Perfferle: until the next time, good progress
[19:02] You: yes
[19:02] Finn Perfferle: tx KK
[19:02] You: just notecarding :)
[19:02] Finn Perfferle: bye for now
[19:02] KK Jewell: OK bye thanks for coming

[19:02] Finn Perfferle: bye for now
[19:02] KK Jewell: OK bye thanks for coming
[19:03] Finn Perfferle: will capture chat and prep blog
[19:03] Finn Perfferle: bye
[19:03] You: bye
[19:03] KK Jewell: Bye Fujiye
[19:03] KK Jewell: Lilli
[19:03] Fujiye Yoshikawa: Bye
[19:03] You: :)

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