Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let's all meet each Friday at 6:30 SLT

Meeting each week at arcspace Friday at 6:30PM SLT

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Arcspace Eco-Friendly Finalists Group met at 6:30pm SLT on 23 May 2008 to discuss the next phase of the competition. Present were KK Jewell, Lilli Field, Finn Perfferle and Fujiye Yoshikawa. KK began and focused the meeting on how to make the community. Given the absence of several members, the decision was made to proceed and post the results on the blog set up by JeanRicard Broek.

KK suggested considering the land and how best to join structures and establish a viable community, in particular she suggested clearing some areas and making a series of walkways. This concept evolved over the course of the meeting to include some open areas, densely planted areas and rocky highlands. Lilli felt that Werner's build would fit well with a rocky backdrop.

Finn asked that the group consider drainage and water management: reed beds, constructed wetlands and a series of polishing ponds as a key element of the layout. This ties in with with establishing the community in proximity of the main lake. Aquaculture, all agreed, was an important consideration in this context. Inca-like aquaducts were mentioned to uproarious applause.

Lilli emphasized the importance of a town square, market and communal garden as central to the community. A community hall and school should also be considered.

KK mentioned that contestants could replicate their builds (in essence creating a series of enclaves) and those present agreed that, to preserve the individuality of the builds while still providing for elements of consistency, the group should consider using many of the same building materials (textures).

Those present agreed that contestants should now prepare and submit a site plan addressing these key points: 1 Community 2 Central Structures/Garden 3 Drainage and 4 Site Orientation. Once the finalists have done this, the group will reconvene and decide on a plan based on this input.

Finn Perfferle
24 May 2008

Arcspace--Design for an Eco-friendly Community

~Arcspace island~

~Arcspace island~
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Eco-friendly Community
Bamboo forest

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Proposed Layout Ideas

So far I have a propsed Contour map. The contours are not to scale, just an indication of the slope of the land. I thought that we could leave the arcspace entry point intact and provide a windy path up the cliff to werner/the tracers area.

The second plan indicates areas that i think will suit the style of everyones current build. I will do a more detailed landscape plan later in the week ... mostly thought out already but i dont have time to finish today :)

All input welcome ... no need to be gentle or "nice" i can take it :D

Existing Arcspace Layout

I spent a few minutes and made an existing arcspace layout to help everyone with creating their ideas for a new site plan for a community space ... re meeting yesterday .... seems text from this is not up yet.