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Let's all meet each Friday at 6:30 SLT

Meeting each week at arcspace Friday at 6:30PM SLT

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The Arcspace Eco-Friendly Finalists Group met at 6:30pm SLT on 23 May 2008 to discuss the next phase of the competition. Present were KK Jewell, Lilli Field, Finn Perfferle and Fujiye Yoshikawa. KK began and focused the meeting on how to make the community. Given the absence of several members, the decision was made to proceed and post the results on the blog set up by JeanRicard Broek.

KK suggested considering the land and how best to join structures and establish a viable community, in particular she suggested clearing some areas and making a series of walkways. This concept evolved over the course of the meeting to include some open areas, densely planted areas and rocky highlands. Lilli felt that Werner's build would fit well with a rocky backdrop.

Finn asked that the group consider drainage and water management: reed beds, constructed wetlands and a series of polishing ponds as a key element of the layout. This ties in with with establishing the community in proximity of the main lake. Aquaculture, all agreed, was an important consideration in this context. Inca-like aquaducts were mentioned to uproarious applause.

Lilli emphasized the importance of a town square, market and communal garden as central to the community. A community hall and school should also be considered.

KK mentioned that contestants could replicate their builds (in essence creating a series of enclaves) and those present agreed that, to preserve the individuality of the builds while still providing for elements of consistency, the group should consider using many of the same building materials (textures).

Those present agreed that contestants should now prepare and submit a site plan addressing these key points: 1 Community 2 Central Structures/Garden 3 Drainage and 4 Site Orientation. Once the finalists have done this, the group will reconvene and decide on a plan based on this input.

Finn Perfferle
24 May 2008

Arcspace--Design for an Eco-friendly Community

~Arcspace island~

~Arcspace island~
Originally uploaded by Flory --'-;-{@
Eco-friendly Community
Bamboo forest

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Proposed Layout Ideas

So far I have a propsed Contour map. The contours are not to scale, just an indication of the slope of the land. I thought that we could leave the arcspace entry point intact and provide a windy path up the cliff to werner/the tracers area.

The second plan indicates areas that i think will suit the style of everyones current build. I will do a more detailed landscape plan later in the week ... mostly thought out already but i dont have time to finish today :)

All input welcome ... no need to be gentle or "nice" i can take it :D

Existing Arcspace Layout

I spent a few minutes and made an existing arcspace layout to help everyone with creating their ideas for a new site plan for a community space ... re meeting yesterday .... seems text from this is not up yet.

Group Meeting at arcspace 5-23-2008

18:27] You: hi
[18:27] Finn Perfferle: Hi Lilli
[18:27] You: kk busy hey
[18:27] You: coffee time?
[18:27] Finn Perfferle: LOL
[18:28] Finn Perfferle: Hi Fuji
[18:28] You: hi fuji
[18:28] Fujiye Yoshikawa: Hi Finn
[18:28] KK Jewell: Hi all
[18:28] You: hi kk
[18:28] KK Jewell: I got this photo from Richard
[18:28] Finn Perfferle: should be good
[18:28] You: nice walk
[18:29] KK Jewell: Yes I think we should discuss how we make the community..
[18:29] Creamy Fall is Offline
[18:29] KK Jewell: We will wait for the others
[18:29] You: yeah
[18:29] Finn Perfferle: ok
[18:29] You: so how did the fire turn out?
[18:30] KK Jewell: David was talking about how there are great needs for shelters at the moment because of the earthquake
[18:30] You: yes i can imagine
[18:30] Finn Perfferle: oh yes
[18:30] KK Jewell: Eventhough this is something dfferent
[18:30] Gumby Roffo is Offline
[18:31] Finn Perfferle: Should send over bunches of shipping cintainers! Have seen some nifty conversions...
[18:31] KK Jewell: Yes I agree but how do you get them to those areas
[18:31] KK Jewell: They are making tents
[18:31] Finn Perfferle: well, ship and truck
[18:31] Finn Perfferle: should be easiest of all...
[18:31] You: and there are thousands of them floating in the ocean at any time
[18:31] KK Jewell: Well they are not easy to get to and they need thousands
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: !
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: never easy
[18:32] You: no
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: outfitter tents
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: in 55 gal oildrums...
[18:32] KK Jewell: Well they are working on it
[18:32] You: the armies have good qhuick constructions
[18:32] Finn Perfferle: Get Cabelas to donate
[18:32] You: hahaha typonses again
[18:33] KK Jewell: I am not getting involved want to concentrate on this..
[18:33] Finn Perfferle: ok
[18:33] You: all kits that get bolted together
[18:33] You: very cool some of them
[18:33] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:33] You: engineering feats
[18:34] KK Jewell: INBAR has a sustem
[18:34] KK Jewell: System
[18:34] KK Jewell: Using bamboo as it is in a bamboo area
[18:34] You: yes ... i have done a hanger conversion once
[18:34] Finn Perfferle: now there's a plan
[18:34] You: the building was removable lol
[18:34] KK Jewell: :)
[18:34] You: until i got to it
[18:34] KK Jewell: But this is supposed to also last
[18:35] You: oh they last ... it was 80 yrs old :D
[18:35] KK Jewell: :)
[18:35] You: all timber
[18:35] You: beautifaul
[18:36] You: rl delays ....
[18:36] You: always when u dont want them
[18:37] KK Jewell: People are always late
[18:37] Finn Perfferle: yes, hardest bit of all
[18:37] KK Jewell: jeanRicars mailed me he is on the way
[18:38] Finn Perfferle: he tries hard, good idea with the blog
[18:38] KK Jewell: We delayed the meeting because of Mater and he is not here
[18:38] You: yes
[18:38] KK Jewell: Yes good idea
[18:38] KK Jewell: We will wait 10 minutes then start OK?
[18:38] You: ok
[18:39] Finn Perfferle: That's fine with me
[18:39] Finn Perfferle: we can always throw a few ideas on the table and blog
[18:39] KK Jewell: OK
[18:40] KK Jewell: We have to start with the land and how we join the structures and a community structure
[18:40] KK Jewell: Would be nice to clear some areas and make some of these walks
[18:40] Finn Perfferle: Yes!
[18:40] You: yes it would
[18:40] Finn Perfferle: one thought
[18:40] KK Jewell: make some areas dense with walks
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: start with a bit of important infrastructure
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: waste water
[18:41] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:41] KK Jewell: That comes later I think
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: set up a series of reed beds and ponds
[18:41] You: a town square of some sort / market
[18:41] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:41] You: with the builds around that
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: so that when we position the builds, they tie in
[18:41] KK Jewell: Thought the bigger lake is a good area for the community space
[18:41] Finn Perfferle: it could feed to that
[18:41] KK Jewell: yes you are right
[18:42] Finn Perfferle: get the drainage right and the paths will follow
[18:42] You: fishing is important
[18:42] KK Jewell: We should probably make a plan..yes fishing
[18:42] Finn Perfferle: Lili, I think we are oon the same page!
[18:42] You: and community garden
[18:42] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:42] Finn Perfferle: absolutely
[18:43] KK Jewell: And yes Finn collecting rainwater
[18:43] Finn Perfferle: yes
[18:43] Finn Perfferle: use water management as a key element
[18:43] KK Jewell: OK
[18:43] You: so maybe we can make our ideas on scetch for areas
[18:43] You: place on blog
[18:44] Finn Perfferle: yes
[18:44] KK Jewell: I think you should
[18:44] You: and integrate ideas from each
[18:44] Finn Perfferle: yes
[18:44] Swina Allen is Offline
[18:44] Finn Perfferle: another important point
[18:44] Finn Perfferle: central structure
[18:44] KK Jewell: Some of the structures we should duplicate maybe we will have areas with the same structures
[18:44] KK Jewell: Like small enclaves
[18:44] Finn Perfferle: yes KK
[18:45] Finn Perfferle: and maybe
[18:45] You: yes and use community hall / school
[18:45] Finn Perfferle: to preserve the individual element
[18:45] KK Jewell: Then people who come to stay can say they want the this or that enclave
[18:45] You: or such multiple use building
[18:45] KK Jewell: One can be in a dense area another by the water another by a lake
[18:45] Finn Perfferle: we could share bldg materials
[18:45] Finn Perfferle: yes Lilli
[18:45] KK Jewell: And another in a very open field
[18:46] KK Jewell: That would be what connects all..the materials
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: yes!
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: sorry
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: lag!
[18:46] KK Jewell: The structures are different but the textures are the same
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: exactly KK
[18:46] KK Jewell: I just restarted the region
[18:46] Finn Perfferle: think the designers would like that
[18:47] KK Jewell: I do too
[18:47] Finn Perfferle: well that should happen
[18:47] KK Jewell: You can have smaller and bigger sizes together
[18:47] You: i think the ball would look lovely backed by a rocky area
[18:47] Finn Perfferle: yes!
[18:47] Finn Perfferle: it would!
[18:47] KK Jewell: Werner's
[18:47] You: yes
[18:47] KK Jewell: I agree
[18:48] Finn Perfferle: and perched high
[18:48] KK Jewell: He can have 3 or 4 or more
[18:48] Finn Perfferle: the start point for our drainage sys
[18:48] KK Jewell: As can you all
[18:48] You: yes cosy against the elements
[18:48] Finn Perfferle: that's a great idea KK
[18:48] KK Jewell: Wish he was here
[18:49] You: we can do inca like aquadusts hehehe
[18:49] You: ducts lol
[18:49] KK Jewell: I think we all stay in the project but we leave out people if they do not show up..
[18:49] KK Jewell: I mean you all stay now
[18:49] You: if they dont contribute ..... they just may be busy today
[18:50] KK Jewell: Yes I know
[18:50] You: may catch up later
[18:50] You: well we have somewhere to blog the text hehe
[18:50] KK Jewell: yes
[18:50] You: ooooh soko is playing :) ill keel her lol
[18:50] Fujiye Yoshikawa: Finn must have crashed. I'm sure he'll be right back
[18:50] KK Jewell: :)
[18:51] KK Jewell: Where is she playing?
[18:51] You: catch song
[18:51] You: oh at a club ... not live
[18:51] KK Jewell: OK
[18:51] You: hubby streaming the music load
[18:51] You: so i can hear
[18:51] KK Jewell: Nice
[18:52] You: they r having a set with all my fave music
[18:52] KK Jewell: So shall we all start thinking about the lay-out?
[18:52] You: bowie etc
[18:52] You: yes
[18:52] KK Jewell: What is the stream?
[18:52] You: alt7 ... sl club ... on web too
[18:52] You:
[18:52] Finn Perfferle: sorry, crash
[18:53] Finn Perfferle: better now
[18:53] You: wb finn
[18:53] Finn Perfferle: :-)
[18:53] Finn Perfferle: some great ideas tonight
[18:53] KK Jewell: Thanks Lilli
[18:53] Finn Perfferle: we should make sure to get them in the blog
[18:54] KK Jewell: Yes I think we now work on the lay-out of the land
[18:54] You: yes broad texta sketches would be fine for now i think
[18:54] Finn Perfferle: agreed
[18:54] Finn Perfferle: and look forward to it
[18:54] You: more detail when we reach a concensus
[18:54] Finn Perfferle: yes
[18:54] KK Jewell: You will add it to the blog right?
[18:54] You: yes
[18:54] You: i will scan mine in
[18:54] KK Jewell: We can do all we want tothe land...
[18:55] You: cool
[18:55] KK Jewell: I think it should have some variety
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: yes
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: so KK
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: let's agree on what we blog further to this meeting
[18:55] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: 1 focus on land
[18:55] Finn Perfferle: 2
[18:56] KK Jewell: community
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: drainage?
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: community
[18:56] KK Jewell: garden/
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: land and community 1st
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: drainage/constructed wetland

[18:56] KK Jewell: community
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: drainage?
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: community
[18:56] KK Jewell: garden/
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: land and community 1st
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: drainage/constructed wetland
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: garden
[18:56] Finn Perfferle: central structure
[18:56] You: sounding good
[18:57] Finn Perfferle: and think I misswed Lillis scan thing!
[18:57] KK Jewell: All the PDF files are out to the judges just to show the progress
[18:57] You: now can we reach a concensus on north for our orientation
[18:57] KK Jewell: Yes
[18:57] Finn Perfferle: cool
[18:57] KK Jewell: This building faces north
[18:58] KK Jewell: SL north
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: I must be reversed!
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: N to my left
[18:58] Gumby Roffo is Online
[18:58] You: hey i am southern hemisphere here lol
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: S!
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: to my left
[18:58] KK Jewell: North should be where I am facing
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: AH
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: it is
[18:58] Finn Perfferle: agreed!
[18:59] Finn Perfferle: the build sites are in N hemi
[18:59] Finn Perfferle: so back to N
[18:59] Finn Perfferle: ?
[18:59] You: hehe on map its ok ... but i mean rock positions etc lol
[18:59] KK Jewell: OK
[18:59] You: will be on ... side ... lake to .... etc lol
[18:59] Finn Perfferle: will wait for your layout plan!
[19:00] You: hehehe
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: so
[19:00] KK Jewell: Well you can all make a plan
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: where on the sim do we cluster?
[19:00] You: yes all
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: oh OK
[19:00] You: better input
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: :-)
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: will do
[19:00] KK Jewell: Then when we all meet we decide?
[19:00] You: rather than dictatorship :D
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: sounds like aplan
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: fun stuff
[19:00] Finn Perfferle: ok then
[19:01] KK Jewell: OK we end it then?
[19:01] You: yes ... then we will meet and discuss our thoughts on best from each
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: yes
[19:01] KK Jewell: Yes
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: I'll blog the main points
[19:01] You: and where we are heading
[19:01] KK Jewell: Thanks
[19:01] You: ok
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: Lilli, maybe you address the plan plan
[19:01] You: will do over the weekend :)
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: ok
[19:01] You: ok
[19:01] Finn Perfferle: thanks to you
[19:02] Finn Perfferle: until the next time, good progress
[19:02] You: yes
[19:02] Finn Perfferle: tx KK
[19:02] You: just notecarding :)
[19:02] Finn Perfferle: bye for now
[19:02] KK Jewell: OK bye thanks for coming

[19:02] Finn Perfferle: bye for now
[19:02] KK Jewell: OK bye thanks for coming
[19:03] Finn Perfferle: will capture chat and prep blog
[19:03] Finn Perfferle: bye
[19:03] You: bye
[19:03] KK Jewell: Bye Fujiye
[19:03] KK Jewell: Lilli
[19:03] Fujiye Yoshikawa: Bye
[19:03] You: :)

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Welcome to the arcspace Eco-friendly Community Competition Blog

Welcome to the new blog for the arcspace Eco-friendly Community Competition. All participants, designers, sponsors, jury members and other invited parties may post to the blog. Others are free to leave comments. Please enjoy.